Founder and Turkish Honorary Consul Ali Cinar

 Bosphorus Homes Cons. always commits to build houses which are functional and modern. We use contemporary and friendly materials to make our customers live happily ever after.




Founder and Turkish Honorary Consul Mr. Ali Cinar:
Ali started his adult life as a professional Soccer Player in Turkey, winning a National Championship before returning to school. After graduating with degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering in Ankara, Ali was hired as a Branch Director and Project Manager for constructing Schools, Government Court Houses and a Coca-Cola Factory in Libya, mid-1980s.
After returning to Turkey, until mid-90s Ali worked in Turkish-American Joint Venture Company which was overseeing the construction of Military Factories to produce ‘F16 jets’, Light Armored Vehicles and Housing for workers.
The prestigious opportunity of working for the Russian Government presented itself to Ali in mid-90s when the country first opened its’ doors to qualified and respected contracting companies to help build the nation. In early 2000s, Ali acted as a Project Manager to build a Bread Factory, Social Housing Complex and a Hospital that was particularly built for the Kremlin House which was over one million square feet finished spaces.
In 2005, he and his family decided to settle in Halifax, NS for their retirement plan. But his working passion would not let it happen but found himself to establish the Bosphorus Homes Cons. Ali is also proudly representing Turkish Embassy as an Honorary Consul over all Maritime Provinces