Where Luxury Meets Serenity in the Heart of Nova Scotia

Architectural Brilliance

Each residence within the Shore Drive Marina Project is a masterpiece of design, offering an expansive 1150 sqft of living space. The semi-detached villas, totaling 10 in number, showcase a meticulous attention to detail, providing a combined closed area of 3450 sq ft.

Captivating Outdoor Spaces

Step into the embrace of nature with the 230 sqft forest-view back deck, a private sanctuary for each villa. Additionally, residents can bask in the beauty of the outdoors on the 92 sqft main and upper floor decks, providing the perfect settings for relaxation and entertainment.

Thoughtful Floor Plan

The project is meticulously planned to accommodate 1 master bedroom and 3 additional bedrooms, offering a perfect balance of privacy and shared spaces. The layout emphasizes functionality while maintaining an aesthetic appeal, ensuring that each villa is a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

Seamless Integration with Nature

The Shore Drive Marina Project doesn't just offer a home; it provides an immersive experience with its forest-view back decks. Wake up to the soothing sight of trees and the gentle rustle of leaves, creating an oasis of calm just steps away from your living space.

Exclusive Community Living and Luxury

With only 10 villas in total, the Shore Drive Marina Project fosters an intimate community where residents can enjoy the privacy of their semi-detached homes. The design ensures a sense of exclusivity while promoting a harmonious neighborhood atmosphere.


Every inch of these villas is a testament to luxury living. High-end finishes, modern amenities, and a commitment to quality make the Shore Drive Marina Project a showcase of architectural and technical excellence.

Invest in a lifestyle that combines the tranquility of nature with the convenience of modern living at the Shore Drive Marina Project. Your dream home awaits, where technical sophistication meets the serene beauty of Nova Scotia's waterfront.